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The following are links to information concerning the

Lawsuit filed by Third Mutual against PCM on June 10, 2010.

This information is offered to the Village residents so they may have the facts, as they are known, regarding this issue.  These documents have been made public for the most part, through the Globe, the LWV website, Channel 6 and open board meetings.

If you have any questions regarding these documents or the lawsuit itself, please direct them to Mary Robertson at or Pat Wilkinson at, and we will try our best to answer them for you.

We will update this website as new information becomes available.

Latest Lawsuit Updates:


Third Laguna Hills Mutual and Professional Community Management Find Resolution

LAGUNA WOODS, CA - April 5, 2011 – In the matter of Third Laguna Hills Mutual v. Professional Community Management, Inc., et al., Third Laguna Hills Mutual and Professional Community Management have resolved the matter to the mutual satisfaction of both parties. Professional Community Management has committed to serving Third Laguna Hills Mutual and its residents.

This is a joint statement authorized by Third Laguna Hills Mutual and Professional Community Management.

Following is the link to the E-Register Globe site. The article about the lawsuit
is on page 3 of the April 7, 2011, issue of the Globe.

May 10, 2011

PCM Statement in Response to United's Report

April 26, 2011

United announces the results of their Lawsuit Investigation.

Latest lawsuit filings regarding the Cross-Complaint filed by Milt Johns against GRF, Third Mutual and various individuals. Filing date was March 21, 2011. Please note that the GRF Motion to Strike is a very large file, and if you have problems opening it, please email with ‘GRF Motion’ in the subject line, and it will be emailed to you.

Motion to sever cross-complaint - 3/21/11

GRF Cross-Defendants notice of special motion to strike - 3/21/11

Van Hoomissen_Much Shelist_motion and motion to strike - 3/21/11

Motion to sever Cross-compaint_by 'the firm' - 3/21/11

Demurrer to Cross-complaint – 3/21/11

Motion to strike portions of the Cross-complaint - 3/21/11

3-17-11 - United has approved the following press release:

We are all aware of the lawsuit filed by Third Mutual against PCM, Milt Johns and Janet Price, alleging fraud relating to PCM's now terminated Incentive Plan. As a result of that lawsuit the United Mutual Board, in order to fully investigate the claims and determine what course of action United should take, retained Special Independent Counsel David Feingold to investigate the Incentive Plan and PCM's conduct relating to that Plan, and to provide a comprehensive report to the United Board. The report was to include a recommendation as to whether United should file any formal claims relating to the Plan.

Defendants Answer to Cross-Complaint - February 17, 2011

United Board - Investigation into Third Mutual's Lawsuit - February 2011

Judge Dismisses Elder Abuse Charge; Johns Files Cross-Complaint - by Mary Robertson, Jan. 2011

Judge rules against Third on Elder Abuse Charges: “Court sustains elder abuse complaint," 1-13-2011

Milt Johns - Reply in Support of Demurrer to First Amended Complaint, dated January 6, 2011

PCM's Reply Brief in Suport of Demurrer to First Amended Complaint, dated January 6, 2011

Milt Johns - Cross Complaint for Damages, dated December 30, 2010

Third Mutual’s Opposition to Demurrer to First Amended Complaint by PCM, dated 12-22-2010

PCM/Price response to Third Mutual's new allegation of elder abuse, dated 11-12-2010

PCM - Reply Brief in Support of the Sanctions, dated 10-21-2010

Declaration of PCM Lawyer, dated 10-21-2010

Third Mutual's Amended Complaint, dated 10-12-2010

Court's Ruling on PCM Demurrer, dated 9-28-2010

PCM Filing of 9-16-2010 – PCM Reply Brief in Support of Demurer Complaint

PCM Filing of 9-10-2010 – Notice of Motion and Motion for Sanctions

(Please note there are five declarations from former directors included in this filing
covering years from 1996 to 2006 – these are available on request –
see our email address)

PCM Filing of 9-10-2010 – Declaration of Janet Price and Motion for Sanctions

PCM filing of 8-19-2010 – Motion for Sanctions/Offer of Safe Harbor –
Third Mutual fails to respond to demand

Third Mutual's Filing of 9-10-2010 – Opposition to Demurrer

Demurrer – filed by PCM, dated 7-28-2010

Complaint – filed by Third Mutual Board of Directors, dated 6/10/2010

Latest Update by Mary Robertson - February 2011

Latest Update by Mary Robertson - December 30, 2010

Third Mutual's Reason for Filing Lawsuit against PCM

Lawsuit Update by Mary Robertson - December 2010

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STATEMENT BY PCM (as read by Rob Merritt on the June 14, 2010, TV Newscast) - (Please click here.)


STATEMENT #1 BY UNITED MUTUAL - (Please click here.)

STATEMENT #2 BY UNITED MUTUAL - (Please click here.)